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Adjunct faculty
Name Academic Position Name of Course Academic Work E-mail
Sheng-Pin Hsueh Associate Professor Money and Banking - LINK
Te-Tai Feng Associate Professor Operational Management LINK LINK
Yung-Chieng Chang Lecturer Marketing Management LINK LINK
Chen-Sheng Yang Assistant Professor Economics (2) LINK LINK
Zhi-Gang Lian Lecturer Financial Management, Economics (1) - LINK
Wen-Chi Liu Lecturer Money and Banking LINK LINK
Yu-Fen Chen Associate Professor Financial Statement Analysis LINK LINK
Nathan Liu Lecturer

Economics (1)

Louis Liu Lecturer Human resource management   LINK
Meng-Ling Wu Associate Professor Human resource management LINK LINK
Suen-Nane Lou Lecturer Securities Regulation - LINK
Hung-Kuei Hsiao Associate Professor

Quantitative Finance (1)
Quantitative Finance (2)

Jing-Fang Yang Lecturer

Accounting (1)
Accounting (2)

Jhien-Shien Chen Associate Professor Advanced Calculus LINK LINK
Ching-Torng Lin Associate Professor Information Management LINK LINK
Feng-Chao Yang Assistant Professor Introduce to Computers and Computing LINK LINK
Mu-Jung Chen Assistant Professor Fundamentals of Management LINK LINK