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Full-time faculty
Name Academic Position Specialty Extension Room Office hour
Sheng-Ching Wu Associate Professor and Chairman Investments, Corporate Finance, Retired Plan 3520、3525 D204、J302-10 (三)56(四)34
Wen-Chi Liu Associate Professor and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Investments, Financial Management,International Money and Finance, Futures and Options 1486、3372 D403、H212 (一)56(二)34
Fu-Lai Lin Professor Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Empirical Finance 3200 D208 (三)4(四)478
Chin-Chia Liang Professor Investments, Financial Markets and Institutions , International Financial Management 3522 D206 (一)78(四)56
Yi-Hao Lai Associate Professor Financial Risks Management, Financial Markets,Financial Econometrics 3524 J302-01 (三)56(四)56
Meng-Yuh Cheng Associate Professor and Leader of Teaching and Learning Center Accounting Information Systems, Accounting, ERP, Corporate Governance, Financial statement analysis 1475、3254 A201、A515 (三)4(四)478
Chun-Po Chang Assistant Professor Behavioral Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Management 3526 J302-12 (一)5(二)34