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Future Development
  • Enlisting qualified teachers:
    • It has been an on-going process at Finance Department of Da-Yeh University to enlist qualified professionals in the fields of Finance, Business Management, Information Engineering, Statistics and all other related subjects to satisfy our academic and course development.
  • Facilities Expansion:
    • In addition to utilizing the available resources in school, Finance Department of Da-Yeh University has incorporated its Stock and Futures Analysis Research Room and Finance and Economy Research Room into an expanded Investment Management and Finance Information Research Room, Finance Engineering and Statistics Laboratory as well as the continual procurement of latest financial data and documents.
  • Training:
    • Besides enriching students with theoretical knowledge other emphasis has been placed on the training for practical application of the learning. Language proficiency training and the licensing preparation for related job requirement are also listed as one of the fundamental in school.
  • Academic Research:
    • Academic research has always been a famed strength in Da-Yeh University . It helps establish the leadership in the related field and enhance the access to the National Scientific Council grant for research paper as well as facilitate the academic exchange with foreign scholars.
  • Serving the industries:
    • As part of the business of Management Research and Development Center , Da-Yeh University has engaged itself in providing consulting service for local businesses as well as offering advanced credit and licensing class for professionals as a commitment to the local communities.