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Course design

The design of courses in Department of Finance has been focused on the combination of theoretical research and empirical application to equip its students of future financial experts with broader view on global market and knowledge on digital technology. Hence the followings are the required core courses besides the commonly recognized courses for business management.

  • Financial Management:
    • With the goal of training experts in the field, the courses include Financial Institution and Market, Financial Institution Management, Bank and Currency, Bank Investment, Insurance, Finance Trust, Business Investment Management, Financial Insurance Laws, Business Laws, and Approach to Civil Laws.
  • Enterprise Finance:
    • To prepare our students as financial specialists for businesses, the courses are composed of Finance Management, International Finance Management, Financial Report Analysis, Intermediate Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, Financial Information System, Finance Case Study, Business Merge Appraisal, Tax Laws, Business Management, and Digital Business.
  • Investment Strategies:
    • To build our students with the expertise in personal finance management and investment planning, the following courses are offered: Business Investment, Industry Economy Analysis, Finance Risk Management, Stock Market and Investment Practice, Bond and Investment Practice, Currency Market and Investment Practice, Mutual Fund Management and Investment Practice, Foreign Currency and Investment Practice, Real Estate Appraisal and Investment, Investment Skill and Analysis, Stock and Futures Laws.
  • Finance Innovations:
    • To provide experts for the finance innovations and engineering, courses include Futures and Options, Derivative Finance Products, Finance Innovation and Engineering,Quantitative Economy.