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Program features
  • Industry empirical application oriented education
    • Da-Yeh University has dedicated itself as partner for related enterprises and designed all the courses accordingly to meet the needs and development of businesses in Central Scientific Park as well as to help build up the required credentials for its students in the job markets in general financial management, business marketing, business and personal finance management, investment planning, and finance engineering.
  • Incorporating digital technology in our education
    • As computer is becoming ubiquitous and indispensable in our daily lives, it is essential to equip students with all required skill and knowledge in computer operation including all related software.
  • Strengthening language proficiency
    • With the increased number of domestic business expansions to foreign territories and the corresponding demand for risk management on related financial issues, various financial institutions have set up branches abroad to serve the need. Therefore the skill to communicate with foreign branches has become a required qualification for new-hired and internal promotion for the industry. Consequently, language proficiency has become one of the basic requirements to students in Da-Yeh University to meet the market trend.