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  • Supporting government's policies on economic development
    • Taiwan government's diligent endeavor on becoming the financial center in Asia , establishing a healthy financial market, improving its financial system, revitalizing an overall investment environment does not only require government's detailed planning on all related policies and laws but also call for the cooperation and coordination from financial industry. Financial industry is the core of economic development. Followed by the growth of economy, expansion of investment in all industries, increase of GNP, increasing demand of personal financial services, financial institutions will become the main force of providing financial services for the government, industries, and individuals. Therefore the demand for recruiting specialists in financial management and financial planning has become an urgent subject.
  • Recruiting the working force to meet the market demand
    • After the economic crisis and stagnation, Taiwan 's financial industry has experienced, domestically, the critical time of unprecedented number of bad debts and industries moving out of Taiwan , and, externally, the harsh competition from foreign financial investment giants on our market. In the wake of these, our government has since amended related policies and laws to adapt the trend to work on the bad debts and to facilitate the process of merging financial institutions. Now we are witnessing the benefits of these changes. The multi-functional financial services have adopted the strategies of buying-once-for-all and interacting marketing which necessitate the participation of the new workforce of financial specialists in industries like bank, insurance, and stock-exchange institutions. All industries, regardless of being high-tech or conventional, are facing the complicated issue of management and allocation of capital on multi-countries operations. This illustrates the importance of the need for financial specialists. International Business Department of Da-Yeh University has dedicated to the goal of recruiting professionals in the fields of financial management, enterprise finance, investment strategies, and financial innovations in addition to assisting the on-the-job-training for specialists at Central-Taiwan Scientific Park , financial institutions in central Taiwan , and other related industries.
  • Coordinating education in school with the goal of offering our learning
    • Da-Yeh University designates itself as a business partner and develops itself as one of the multi-functional universities for all industries in Central Taiwan . To achieve this mission, Finance Department was added to Business College to strengthen the education and research on financial related fields and seek a balanced development of recruiting, researching, and servicing the industries.